Friday, April 3, 2020


Losing It – Fisher

Losing It by Fisher is a nice deep, underground vibes with a short but very concise vocal.  

Two People by Chop Juggler

You just came hown with the person you are in love, you are getting closer the bottle of vine is open time to turn...

Blue Sun by Vanilla

Blue Sun by Vanilla calms you down. Perfect after the last drink of the night is gone it's time to move back home and...

Ayo Chris Brown & Tyga

Ayo by Chris Brown and Tyga is still smashing every Dancefloor around the world. The Video Clip got more than 180 million youtube views.

Hell Yeah – DJ Rapture feat Jonn Hart & Milla

Hell Yeah - Finest Hip Hop by DJ Rapture feat Jonn Hart and Milla. Music Video Hell Yeah Jonn Hart and Milla with DJ...

Hard To Forget by Poldoore

One of my favorite Lounge and Chill Beat: Hard To Forget by Poldoore soft but still with the right amoung of positive energy.

Summmer Rain by 5 Reasons (Secret Atelier Remix)

Summer Rain by  5 Reasons in a Secret Atelier Remix. This Track is lick a Summer Rain, perfect for a coll down during a...

Mario – Let Me Love You (Hanz Bootleg)

Let Me Love You by Mario in a Hanz Bootleg.

Sasha Primitive – Lost In My Freeway (Original Mix)

Lost In My Freeway this track by Sasha Primitive goes deep.

Tim Berg – Seek Bromance

Seek Bromance by Tim Berg (Avicii) is one of the greatest and most beautiful house trakcs Avicii every has produceed. Seek Bromance - Lyrics Get the...